Registry Information

1. Registry service provider

  • Name: Personal Big Data Ltd.
  • Address: Ratamestarinkatu 11 A 00520 HELSINKI
  • Telephone: 0800 158 158
  • Email:
  • Business Id: 2583264-7

2. Registry name

Balancion Customer Registry

3. Purpose of personal data processing

Personal data that has been saved in the register is used for the following purposes: the creation and provision of the Balancion Service (”the Service”); the identification of users; the maintenance, development and renewal of customer relations; communication with customers; the development of Personal Big Data Ltd’s business, the processing of customer inquiries and feedback; and other purposes relevant to the Service.

Data collected in conjunction with the Service can be used for all reasonable purposes (such as marketing, polling and market research purposes) as stipulated under Finland’s Personal Data Act and Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004).

4. Details of registry data

Data belonging to the following categories can be processed:

  • Basic details of customer
  • Order data of services and products, vendor details of an agreement, and details on the use of services and offered benefits
  • Details of direct marketing agreements and bans
  • Event and user analysis data

Voluntary additional data:

  • Age, postal address and occupation of registered person
  • Personal economic data concerning the registered person used for profiling purposes such as marital status, household income, household size, rented or owned residence, vacation home, and other similar data

5. Permitted transfers and provision of data to areas outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Personal data of a registered person will not be provided to outsiders without the prior consent of the person in question except in special circumstances as permitted under the Personal Data Act. Personal Big Data Ltd. retains the right to use the data processing services of third parties as part of its service. In such cases these third parties are permitted to process data for Personal Big Data Ltd.

Personal Big Data Ltd. retains the right to provide the personal data of a registered person to chosen partners for marketing purposes unless this has been prohibited by the person in question. The data of a registered person can also be provided to Big Data Ltd. partners for the purpose of performing tasks relevant to the Balancion service in the Registry service provider’s place.

Personal Big Data Ltd. also retains the right to provide data to all authorities as permitted and required under valid legislation.

6. Permitted data sources

Data is collected directly from the registered person and while the Service is being used

7. Protection of register data

Personal data is kept in databases which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. All data is stored in encrypted form. Databases and their backups are kept in secure premises which are locked and guarded. These premises can only be accessed by individuals that have been specified in advance. Such clearances are only provided to individuals who must access the data to complete service-related tasks. All individuals handling the data must maintain confidentiality in accordance with the Personal Data Act and if not will receive punishment as stipulated under the same Act.

8. Right to verify data and data correction

The registered person has, as stipulated under paragraph 26 of the Personal Data Act, the right to verify all his/her corresponding data from the register. A written and signed verification request must be sent to the address of Personal Big Data Ltd. provided above in section 1. Alternatively, a verification request can also be delivered in person at the same address.

The registered person has the right to demand the modification of incorrect data by sending a written and properly specified modification request to the address provided in section 1.

9. Other rights

The registered person has the right to prevent his/her data from being used for the purposes of direct advertising, distance selling or other forms of direct marketing, polling, or market research, and additionally to demand anything stipulated under the Personal Data Act by providing such demands in written form to Personal Data Ltd. at the address specified in section 1.

10. Use of cookies

Personal Big Data Ltd. uses cookies to provide its service. Their use is required to ensure the quality of the service and data security.

It is possible to block the saving of cookies and to delete them through each browser’s individual browser settings. Details on how this can be done are found in your browser’s instructions.

11. Removing personal data from the register

The registered person can, at any time, request Personal Big Data Ltd. to remove all his/her personal data from the Service.

If the registered person stops using the service, he/she will become a passive user. After this has taken place, Personal Big Data Ltd will retain the user account and all its data for a minimum time of two months and a maximum of time of one year. Once the passive use period is over, Personal Big Data Ltd will remove the user from the register and delete all data corresponding with him/her from it.

Personal Big Data Ltd. retains the right to transfer the registered person’s name and contact details to the Personal Big Data Ltd. direct marketing register unless this action has been prohibited by the registered person in question. In addition, Personal Big Data Ltd. retains the right to store any data which it considers necessary for the purposes of filing a criminal claim or providing defence against one.

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